Better Chocolate

We use an imported French couverture line and hand-make all our chocolates in small batches using local ingredients whenever possible. We have filled creams, bars, and novelty molded solid chocolates in dark (64% cocoa), milk (35% cocoa) and white chocolate.

Better World

Chocolate profits, product and volunteer time are donated to Maine animal welfare organizations. Additionally, we make our choices with the environment in mind and are proud to be solar-assisted in all our domestic hot water and heating uses. We volunteer for local organizations and donate blood regularly to the Red Cross.  Better chocolate for a better world – we mean it and hope we can inspire others to do the same.


Safe Harbor Confections is available for wholesale into your retail store. We offer support to our wholesale customers with quick delivery, free display units with minimum order requirements, in-store signage, and listing on our website.

Good for You and the World

Chocolate - it's good and good for you. And now you have an exciting new source for fine chocolates. Safe Harbor Confections offers better chocolates for a better world.

Safe Harbor Confections
P.O. Box 850
Waldoboro, Maine 04572

Chocolate Emergency:  207-841-5227